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Online Bitcoin casinos have become increasingly popular over the years. Not only do they give gamblers a completely anonymous means of making deposits and withdrawals into their account, but they are also extremely safe, have zero deposit fees, and offer some of the fastest processing times compared to other banking methods.

Popular Bitcoin Casinos

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Best Bitcoin Casinos

As Bitcoin isn’t regulated, it bypasses the many restrictions that typical FIAT currencies are unable to avoid, making it one of the most appealing online payment options for gamblers and investors who want complete control of their funds. 

Throughout this page, we’ll look at what Bitcoin is, how to make a deposit and withdrawal at online casinos using Bitcoin, and list some similar payment methods that offer the same level of safety, reliability, and great features.    

Our team sifts through hundreds of different online casinos every week and only focuses on sites that are licensed, safe, fair, and which offer an unparalleled gaming experience. Here’s everything you need to know about the best online casinos that accept Bitcoin!


What’s Bitcoin All About?

Bitcoin ATMBitcoin is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that allows users to trade, buy, and sell without regulation or the need for a middleman, i.e. you can bypass the banks and don’t require a lawyer’s involvement if you want to draw up a sales contract. It was launched in 2009, and the platform itself is powered by millions of machines that create a “blockchain” of transactions, and since every one of them is stored on these machines immediately, it’s also incredibly secure. In order for any Bitcoin transaction to be recorded on the blockchain, it needs to be verified by a large web of other holders of Bitcoin. It does this by using codes that recognize a user’s transactions and wallet, which must be in conformance with specific encryption patterns.


Making A Casino Deposit Through Bitcoin

For people who play at Bitcoin casino sites for real money, you’ll be able to redeem a variety of great promotions, including no deposit bonuses. Once this has been spent, making deposits into your bankroll via Bitcoin is easy and can be done through your computer or mobile device. The process may differ slightly from each casino, but they tend to work the same way overall. Check out the easy steps below for how to make a deposit into your casino account with Bitcoin:   

  • Sign up for a top Bitcoin online casino such as the ones we recommend on this page.
  • Head over to the Cashier tab for your preferred online casino and select the Bitcoin option. 
  • Enter the minimum deposit required amount or however much you would like to deposit.
  • Wait for the funds to be credited to your bankroll (this should be instant when using Bitcoin). 
  • Load up your favorite casino games and start playing!


Making A Casino Withdrawal Through Bitcoin

Most gambling sites allow withdrawals with Bitcoin, but it’s best to double-check this information before you sign up. Here’s how to make a withdrawal using Bitcoin at online casinos: 

  • Head to the Cashier tab and submit your request - Before submitting your withdrawal request, ensure you have filled in all necessary paperwork, confirmed your identity, and met the wagering requirements. You can then proceed to the Cashier and click the Bitcoin withdrawal option.
  • Select how much you want to withdraw - Choose your withdrawal amount and check that it meets the minimum withdrawal value (ensuring it doesn’t exceed the maximum value) set by the casino.  
  • Enjoy your winnings - As soon as your winnings are displayed in your Bitcoin account (usually within 24 hours), you can look forward to spending them immediately!


The Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin Online Casinos

Like anything in life, there are some advantages and disadvantages to playing at casinos with Bitcoin deposits. This is why it’s so important to check the terms and conditions for using Bitcoin and other banking methods at online casinos before you register an account.


  • Thanks to blockchain technology, Bitcoin is highly secure, so you can rest assured any payments you make online are entirely protected against fraud or third-party attacks. 
  • Compared to many cryptocurrencies, there are either zero or very low fees for using cryptocurrencies at online gambling sites.
  • Bitcoin is a decentralized platform, meaning it can’t be regulated like traditional banks.


  • Despite the increasing popularity of Bitcoin, there are still few online casinos that offer it as a deposit/withdrawal method.
  • Like any cryptocurrency, Bitcoin can be extremely volatile. This means that the rate of exchange can quickly decrease and put users at a loss.


Blacklisted Bitcoin Casino Sites 

Our team won’t ever choose to entertain an online casino unless it meets the criteria of our fair and diligent review process. This includes several steps like making sure the casino has high-quality games, valuable bonuses with legitimate terms, excellent customer service, and safe and reliable banking methods. For online Bitcoin casinos that we believe are not operating in line with these steps or which do not truly have the best interest of players, they earn a top spot on our blacklist so that potential customers know to avoid them.


Safety and Security at Bitcoin Online Casinos

BitcoinWhile Bitcoin is a decentralized platform, it is still incredibly safe because it is protected by blockchain technology. And for casinos that accept Bitcoin, it needs to be licensed and certified by a company like eCOGRA, which regularly audits gambling sites to ensure the site and players are safe. They also ensure that the games on offer are fair and not rigged or able to be tampered with in any way. 

There is one small issue that remains with Bitcoin, and that is that you still need to rely on an approved central authority to tell you if the operator is fair. The good news is that all of our recommended Bitcoin casinos are protected by all of the safety protocols that blockchain comes with, and they don’t need to rely on other auditing companies to prove that they meet these requirements. These platforms are all encrypted and run by code, so you can be sure that the public and our review team have examined their processes thoroughly to ensure they meet the safety standards of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Payment Options Similar to Bitcoin

Ethereum - Ethereum is the second-largest crypto-wallet behind Bitcoin and its biggest contender. It’s incredibly easy to set up and can be linked to your debit card or checking account, ready to use for trading online and depositing/withdrawing funds into your casino bankroll.

Transferwise - The UK-based money transfer service has a US debit Mastercard that enables users to send money abroad. Other than a 0.45%-3% conversion fee, there are no extra costs for transactions. 

Ripple - Ripple is a transfer network that can facilitate the exchange for a variety of different cryptocurrencies, traditional fiat currencies, and even high-valued commodities like gold, grains, and oil. 


How We Review and Rate Different Banking Methods

Deposit and Withdrawal Options - Our team takes the time to test out the steps for depositing and withdrawing from a player account. This allows us to assess the payout speed, withdrawal limits, and verification process and iron out anything that may delay turnaround times or receive your winnings. 

Safety and Security - Your safety is our main priority, and this is the case for any payment providers we recommend too. This is why we only approve payment gateways that use advanced encryption technology and top-level user protection services to ensure your online activity and details are secure at all times. 

Customer Care - Regardless of how solid and credible a payment method is, being able to access the help you need is non-negotiable. This is why we send questions to the customer support team via all the available communication channels to establish response times, competency, and attitude towards customers.


Final Verdict

Aside from the above steps, our team always matches a payment method with our fair but rigorous review process. This focuses on things like how compatible the service is with different devices, the availability of the service, user feedback, and other factors that allow us to build a strong enough conviction to consider recommending it to our readers.  


Why Use Bitcoin to Gamble Online?

All in all, Bitcoin casinos are ideal for players who prefer to use a crypto-wallet for making their deposits and withdrawals. As this currency isn’t controlled or regulated, it’s a lot easier for online casinos to process payment transactions. Deposits tend to be instant and are much more reliable, not to mention faster than other banking methods. On top of this, withdrawals are lightning-fast, and the winnings are in your account and ready to use within hours.

Bitcoin Casino FAQs

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency and instant payments platform, which, unlike traditional FIAT currencies, isn’t regulated by a central authority. You can purchase Bitcoins through a cryptocurrency exchange or broker, from a friend, a third party, or from the bank directly.

A Bitcoin wallet is a virtual wallet that stores your Bitcoin. This allows you to transfer, send and receive funds just like any other bank account. When you sign up for a Bitcoin wallet, you are given a unique address that lets you carry out transfers and transactions securely at online retailers and online gambling sites like the ones we recommend on this page.

Yes, it is perfectly safe to make your deposits in Bitcoin, provided your chosen online casino accepts it. As Bitcoin uses blockchain technology, all payment transactions and transfers are highly secure. All payments need to pass a verification procedure and other checks before a transaction can take place. In addition, all Bitcoin casinos and sites have high-level security measures in place to protect your wallet address and your identity.

There are several online Bitcoin casinos out there, but if you don’t want the hassle of searching for one yourself, we advise taking a look at our top online Bitcoin casinos listed on this page. Each one allows you to deposit cryptocurrency, is highly secure, and houses a vast selection of superb games complete with brilliant bonus offers to redeem -- especially for Bitcoin users!

While it doesn’t cost anything to deposit at online Bitcoin casinos, many crypto exchanges and brokerages charge fees for trading Bitcoin. These fees are separate from the fees to process a transaction on Bitcoin’s network, which is based on the network’s congestion and the data volume of the transaction you’re looking to make.

Bitcoin is a global decentralized system, and there are several exchanges and online brokers in the USA where you can buy it. It can take anywhere from 1 hour to a day, depending on which exchange you go through. Once you have purchased the amount you want, you’ll then need a BTC wallet to store your digital currencies.

Just like you can with most traditional payment methods like a debit card or bank transfer, you can simply request your winnings by selecting Bitcoin as your withdrawal option. Make sure you follow the guidelines and requirements for submitting a withdrawal request to speed up the process. If the casino accounts team has everything they need, you can expect to receive your winnings within a few hours.

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