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Blackjack may be a game of skill, but luckily you don’t have to Rainman to play it like a pro. You can work on building a fool-proof strategy, learn all the different rules, master the art of card counting, and easily tip the odds in your favor with our blackjack trainer and simulator. And guess what? Not only is it easy as pie to use, but it’s also completely free and doesn’t require any downloads! 

Our free blackjack counting trainer can be customized to suit any variant of blackjack that you want to play. If you’re entirely new to the game or a bit out of practice, we first recommend checking out our How to Play Blackjack article so you can get to grips with the basics first or give your knowledge a much-needed refresh. If you’re already confident, you can skip this and jump straight into the action! 


Best Blackjack Trainer: How it Works

As mentioned, our free Blackjack Trainer is incredibly straightforward and simple to use. You can customize your options to match the variant you want to play and have a few practice runs first, or you can simply hit the Deal button to start the game immediately. By clicking the Help button, you’ll be able to see the rules of the game and update your options.

You have seven different options you can tweak within the Blackjack Trainer. These settings can be adjusted by selecting the Options button. From here, you’ll be presented with the following: 

Do you want the Dealer to hit or stand on soft 17?

Note that if the Dealer hits on soft 17, this makes the odds of winning worse for the player. It’s better for them to stand on soft 17 if you want the best odds. 

Do you want to be allowed to double down after splitting?

You can set the trainer only to allow doubling down after every split, or you can set it so this is only an option after your first move – not after you’ve split. 

Do you want to allow the surrender option?

Surrender is usually not allowed in single-deck blackjack games, but it can be a great option for the player if the variant you want to play allows it. You can set the trainer to allow you to save half of your bet by folding your hand after seeing the Dealer’s hole card. 

How many decks do you want to play with?

2 decks

4 decks

6 decks

8 decks (most typical in Vegas blackjack games)

 What do you want the payout to be?

Blackjack games with 6-8 decks usually pay out 3:2. If it’s a single or double deck, the payout is typically 6:5. You can select which payout ratio you would like the trainer to work with. 

How many times do you want to be able to re-split your hands, if at all? 

All blackjack games allow you to split your hands the first time, but some do not allow it if you get the same cards again. In most variations of blackjack where you don’t receive the same cards a second time, you can re-split up to three times.

How difficult do you want the game to be?

Hard – the trainer will throw more difficult scenarios at you.

Splits Only – practice splitting hands.

Soft Hands Only – play only hands that include an ace.

Random Mode – shuffle all of the cards at random.


As soon as you’ve adjusted your settings to how you want, the blackjack chart will be updated and reveal the most optimal playing strategy. You can view the chart by selecting the Help button, which will overlay on the screen and provide you with the right moves for your first game.

From here, just hit the Deal button, and you’re ready to go!

The whole point of the Blackjack Trainer is to help you execute a blackjack strategy perfectly. You’ll begin the game with $1,000 worth of play money, and every move you make will be tracked to provide you with an accuracy rating once you’ve finished the game. 

Your objective is to make sure every move is perfect. This is best achieved by referring to the blackjack strategy chart. Once you’re confident, you should aim to play without looking at it.  

In the following screenshot, you’ll see that this player has a 96% accuracy rating. This calculation is based on the number of correct moves they made (24) over the incorrect moves they made (1). 


Remember that your score is the most important factor when using our Blackjack Trainer, more so than how much is in your bankroll. You may get the odd lucky hand and still win, but overall your strategy is what will give you the best chance at winning blackjack in the long run. 


Understanding Blackjack Charts

In order to learn and execute an optimal blackjack strategy, you should aim to follow every move outlined in the blackjack charts of the variation you want to play. Depending on the settings and rules you specifically set, every blackjack chart in our trainer automatically adjusts and displays the best moves you should make.

Our charts provide you detailed information on how to strategically play your hand based on the options you’ve set and the rules that apply to the Dealer’s up card.  

When referring to our blackjack charts, you’ll see that the number listed across the top (horizontally) corresponds to whatever the Dealer is showing as their up card. Along the left column of the chart, you’ll be able to cross-reference your hand with the Dealer’s to determine what move you should make. 

Naturally, the choices differ for each chart. This is particularly the case when the Dealer stands or hits on soft 17.

You’ll also find this is the case for options like re-splits. Even though the chart stays the same for these actions, you still need to check your potential moves. For example, if you choose to allow re-splits in the game you want to play, and you end up with a third eight against a six after you’ve split the first two eights, the Blackjack Trainer will analyze this to ensure you make the right decision, i.e., it will advise you to split again. If you do not allow for re-splits, the trainer will encourage you to make the correct move, which is to stand.


Final Thoughts

Using our Blackjack Trainer is an easy and effective way to get familiar with how the game works and gives you the most optimal moves you can make in any variation. That being said, there are still a couple of things to take note of when following our blackjack charts. 

  • The X symbol/Surrender/Hit – this indicates that you should surrender your hand if the game allows for surrender. If it doesn’t, you should hit. 
  • The U symbol/Surrender/Stand – this also indicates that you should surrender your hand if the game allows for surrender. If it doesn’t, you should stand. 

And that’s all there is to it! We know it might take a little time to get used to how the Blackjack Trainer works, but it will feel like a walk in the park once you’ve played one or two games, and things will get a lot more exciting – especially when you start seeing those dollars creeping into your bankroll!  

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