1-hour free play bonuses

Free play casino bonuses are a type of bonus online casinos use to attract new players by giving them the chance to play games for free. Many consider them the best kinds of bonuses because they aren’t easy to find. Of course, there are usually terms and conditions attached to these offers, including wagering requirements.

1-Hour Free Play Bonuses

Free play casino bonuses are a type of bonus online casinos use to attract new players by giving them the chance to play games for free. Many consider them the best kinds of bonuses because they aren’t easy to find. Of course, there are usually terms and conditions attached to these offers, including wagering requirements.

Another bonus you may have come across is called a “1-hour free play bonus” which doesn’t require you to place a deposit and gives you a full 60 minutes to play and win as much as possible. Once the time is up, you can withdraw your winnings, or the casino will convert the cash into additional bonus money.

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How Do One-Hour Free Play Online Casino Bonuses Work? 

These types of bonuses work the same way as any other bonus, meaning you typically have to be a registered player to redeem the offer. However, they are very similar to no deposit bonuses, which means you don’t need to front any money before you can start enjoying them. And, they give you a huge chunk of funds to play with that can help you rope in hundreds, if not thousands, if done right. 


Why Opt for Online Casino Free Play Bonuses?

If you’re a player who loves the thrills of playing fast-paced games, this type of bonus will suit you down to the ground. The idea is to win as much as possible in one hour without using any of your own funds. The 1-hour bonus can include anything from 1000-2000 free bets to play with ─ and guess what? You can even win and claim jackpots on some games!

Even though they aren’t common, there are a number of casinos that run these promotions every week. The casinos we have listed throughout this page all offer one-hour free play bonuses and have made it even easier for you to “get rich quick” on your favorite online games. 

If you aren’t lucky enough to win anything during the 60 minutes of free play, most online casinos will give you another shot at winning by giving you a different type of bonus. This is how they keep players interested and coming back.  


Do Free Play Bonuses Expire?

Like all casino bonuses, unfortunately, free play casino bonuses do have a sell-by date. If you don’t use your bonus in the time that it’s valid for, anything that’s not used will be removed from your account. This is something that many players fail to notice at first, and then they end up disappointed when they realize that they can no longer make use of the reward. 

Additionally, you’ll only be able to claim your winnings once the playthrough requirement has been met. Again, if you haven’t cleared this requirement in time, any winnings you have accumulated in your account will be taken back by the casino. 


Other Restrictions to Look Out For 

Even though free play bonuses sound great on the surface, casinos may enforce other limitations, such as how much you can win or cash out in one session. In some cases, your winnings might be converted into a 100% match deposit instead of winnings that you can withdraw. Other times, your prize might be a bundle of free spins. It’s not uncommon for online casinos to restrict your bonus to certain games either, or add a clause that dictates how many times you have to play the game before you can withdraw. 


What Are the Best Options for Free Play Bonuses?

Determining which kind of free play bonus will give you the most value isn’t always easy. Not only does it depend on the type of bonus you’re offered, aka free spins, 100% match deposit, 20% cashback, etc, but other variables come into play as well, such as the game you want to play, the house edge, wagering requirements, withdrawal limits, and several other factors. 

Unlike the early days of online gambling, when it was much easier to make money and potentially a career from playing games, it’s much more difficult these days due to limitations on bonuses and caps on cashouts. Even though free play bonuses can be great for players who want to land a free jackpot, modern-day online casinos still usually have terms in place that will inhibit you from reaping the full 100% value from the bonus. That’s why it’s best to look at the fine print to determine your best option and establish whether any clauses are a deal-breaker.   


Is There Anything Else To Consider Before Claiming An Offer?

A free play bonus is a brilliant option for players who want to test the waters of an online casino without any expense to their bankroll. While you can still win fixed jackpots in these games, unfortunately, they aren’t valid for playing progressive jackpot games ─ for that, you need to be playing for real kicks and depositing your own money. 

Free play bonuses are also handy for those who aren’t sure about what kinds of games they want to play, and they give them the opportunity to get a genuine feel for what each one offers in terms of payouts, rules, play duration, and a myriad of other things. Just don’t forget that any winnings you do accumulate from a free play bonus will more than likely come with wagering requirements that need to be met before you can cash out. If a bonus states something along the lines of “1-hour free play keep your winnings”, you can almost always be sure that there is still a requirement that needs to be met before you can withdraw.  

Finally, as is the case with any bonus deals, doing your research is key to knowing what you can expect before taking up the offer. It’s always worth spending some time on the web reading about online casinos before you plan to sign up. Of course, this research should be taken from valid sources and specialist sites that can prove they know what they are talking about. 


Claim Your 1-Hour Free Play Bonus Today

Speaking of specialist sites, this is also the point of our work: to provide you with relevant, unbiased reviews and content about online casinos that can save you money while accommodating your gambling and entertainment needs. Our trusted experts spend hours looking for suitable sites so you don’t have to ─ taking into account bonuses, games, and everything beyond. 

So, if after reading this guide you feel like a free play bonus could be right up your street, take your pick from any of the top sites on this list, claim your offer, and see how much cash you could be packing in an hour! 


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